Our Mission

Promote understanding and support of quality hospice and palliative care


Friends of Hospice

No one wants to think about facing an illness for which there is no cure.

Yet we all know we cannot predict who among our friends, our neighbors, or our families will face a life threatening illness. Most would agree that in today's world, we each must take responsibility for our own health care, asking the right questions and staying informed.

Friends of Hospice help us to spread the word about the benefits of hospice at the end of life. You can become a Friend of Hospice by encouraging people to talk to their loved ones about end-of-life issues before they are ill; sharing their own wishes with family members; and completing their advance directive. Friends help to increase public awareness of hospice services so that more people have the information they need at the end of life.

In short, when you and other knowledgeable people like you, begin talking about these issues with your friends, they will become better informed and more comfortable talking about it to their friends, their friends will become better informed... you get the picture!

As a Friend of Hospice, you will receive the quarterly newsletter, Choices, and you will hear from us about new programs and services. You will also hear about legislative issues that impact end-of-life care.

Become a Friend of Hospice

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